Eyelash Extensions

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Neos is proud to offer highly sought-after classic and volume lash extensions. We use only quality adhesive and products to create your customized set. All our artists have been extensively trained; and maintaining the health of the natural lash is of upmost importance to us.

Classic Set:

Using silk or flat lashes we apply 1 individual lash extension to one of your individual natural lash. 

Volume Set:

We apply upwards of 2 lash extensions per individual lash to create a bold, natural look while still maintaining the integrity of the natural lash. 

Bottom Lashes:

Add on this quick service to enhance the look of your lashes. 


We recommend fills every 2-3 weeks

We have between 90-150 eyelashes per eye. Just as the hair on our head sheds, as do our lashes. We typically lose 2-5 lashes a day, so on average 21 lashes per week.

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