Kelowna Spa Neos Mirconeedling

Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, Medical Needling or Skin Needling is a relatively new treatment option in the medical skin world. Laser skin resurfacing has forever been considered the treatment of choice for photo-aged and scarred skin, however, microneedling has been praised for its wide range of applications which include skin rejuvenation, acne scarring, wrinkles, surgical scars, dyschromia, melasma, enlarged pores, and deeper product penetration. The reported high efficacy, safety, and minimal post-treatment recovery rates associated with Microneedling is perfect for clients who wish for little to no recovery time, while still achieving measurable, noticeable results. Microneedling has significantly changed the approach to the correction and treatment of facial rhytides (wrinkles), acne scarring, and skin laxity Microneedling creates micro-channels in the dermis which stimulate the body’s natural defense to repair itself by creating a controlled wound response in the skin thus producing collagen and growth factors. Within minutes these micro-channels close and the healing begins. Proliferated skin cells such as fibroblasts migrate to the point of injury and transform into collagen fibers resulting in increased fiber strength and elasticity. Microneedling improves skin by increasing the production of collagen. New collagen production fills depressed scars and wrinkles from the bottom lifting the depressions to even out the skin’s surface and also facilitates natural repair and growth making skin stronger and thicker aiding in the treatment of aging skin, surgical or acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation.

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